Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome To Our Blog!!!

First of all, thank you for visiting kids book korner.We are Jen and Rose, and we love kids books! We hope that our reviews and recommendations will be useful to you, and help you discover some great new reads!


  1. Very cool idea. I'll post about it on my blog.

  2. Thank you. We are really excited! More things are to come so stay tuned!

    Jan- thank you for the mention on your blog!

  3. I am so excited...I have a third grader that reads on a 6th grade level. Finding interesting and age appropriate books are a real challenge. And I LOVE childaren's books.

  4. Wammy, I'm so glad you found us! I will tell Rose and we will start looking for books at the 6th grade level!

  5. Hey! I am SO jazzed over your blog, I love it!! I wish I could have a book blog completely dedicated to children's books, but I'm just not that organized. This looks great, and already you have some great books reviewed! (Let me know what Rose thinks of Vordak - I gave it up last week)

    Welcome to the book blogging world!! If there's anything you ever need, don't hesitate to ask!