Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scaredy Squirrel Prepares For Halloween

Scaredy Squirrel Prepares For Halloween
Melanie Watt
64 Pages
Age Range: 4-8

Our favorite lovable, overly cautious squirrel is back and he's helping you get ready for Halloween! With his help. you are guaranteed to have a safe and fun time. We must warn you, though. Those with sticky fingers, claws, or tentacles may not hold this guide. (As per Scaredy's instructions.) Also, you cannot take this book through walls, on brooms, or by a dragon. (Again, per Scaredy's instructions.) 

Within the pages of Scaredy's handy guide, you will be given tips that should prove invaluable. For instance, turning your blender on will, in fact, scare off ghosts and goblins. Also, when it comes time for your trick-or-treating, avoid any untamed lawns. It's just better that way. Halloween can be a practical, but fun, holiday. Turn on your washing machine. This gives you a great sound effect, but you also can do a load of laundry at the same time. 

Costumes are an important part of Halloween. Scaredy provides you with helpful tips! Such as- start thinking of your options in June. To avoid the Halloween night chills, he suggests layering several costumes over each other. Scaredy even tells you how to make do-it-yourself costumes. All you need is 8 vacuum hoses and 4 ping pong balls to make your own spider costume!

This book is a great Story Time read! Kids of all elementary ages will love the silly things Scaredy comes up with. Pictures illustrate everything, and they are fun to look at. While this book is longer than previous books, I don't think it'll be hard for independent readers to enjoy. This book is broken up into 8 chapters, but they aren't very long.

My only downside to this book is the price. I think $17.95 is a lot to ask for a picture book. Even one that is longer than your average picture book length. Hopefully, your library will have it.