Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ages 10 and up

How to Grow Up and Rule the World by Vordak the Incomprehensible

Slip on your acid free gloves, make sure you have a duplicate copy of How to Grow Up and Rule the World (just in case something should happen to this one) and try to follow along as the incomparable, superior-in-all-ways Vordak the Incomprehensible teaches you a thing or two about villainy. Now you, too, can try (and fail) to attain Vordak's level of infamy.

From selecting the most dastardly name, to choosing the ideal henchmen, to engaging in witty repartee with disgustingly chipper superheroes, experienced supervillain Vordak the Incomprehensible guides readers step-by-step toward the ultimate goal of world domination (from his parents' basement in Trenton, New Jersey).

With chapter titles like "Bringing out the Evil" and "Building a Top-Notch Evil Organization", numerous bold illustrations, and detailed quizzes to assess your level of dastardliness, this book provides everything necessary to rise above the masses, and then rub your ascent in their faces.

In return for this wealth of knowledge, Vordak requests nothing more than an honored place in the evil regime of he who achieves control of the world. (And, of course, the opportunity to assume command, should things not work out.)


This book was hilarious! I was laughing out loud in every chapter. Parents-your kids will
love this book, especially if they are fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The illustrations are very
amusing. I think my favorite was Vordak's hallway in his evil lair, which is lined with statues of
himself interspersed with portraits of himself. One thing I really loved about this book was
Vordak's use of vocabulary. He busted out a few words that even I haven't ever used in
conversation! Your kids will definitely learn new words from this book. Of course, they may also
become obsessed with world domination, but this book is worth the risk.

How to Grow Up and Rule the World will be available August 24, 2010.

Rating: Buy it! Your kids will read it more than once.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Raining Cupcakes (Ages 8-12)

It's Raining Cupcakes
By: Lisa Shroeder
193 Pages (including recipes)

Isabel is a 12 year old girl who wants to travel. She desperatly wants to see what the world has to offer beyond her town of Willow, Oregon. Her family recently decided to support her Mother's dream of opening a cupcake store and Isabel is among those trying to keep her Mother from throwing in the towel before the store even opens. Sophie, Isabel's best friend, tells her about a baking contest in a magazine. The finalists will be flown to New York to participate in the bake off. Now all Isabel has to do is decide what recipe she'll submit, the one she wants or the one her mom wants her too. That and help her Mother see the dream come she dared to dream of.

I really, really wanted to like this book. I eagerly waited for it come in once I requested it from my library. Sadly, I didn't like the book. To begin with, the book description and the the actual story are not the same. The baking contest isn't the main story at all. The vast majority of the book is about the cupcake store Isabel's Mom wants to open and all the emotions involved with it. The baking contest is a minor charcter.

I had a hard time dealing with the dynamic between Isabel and her mother, which is dealth with heavily in the first half of the book. According to Isabel's Grandmother, the mother lacks "gumption". To me, the Mother came off sounding like she needed to be on anti-depressants. Isabel's Mother sees the contest as a great way to get publicity for the new store while Isabel sees at a chance to do something all her own, and possibly travel. In fact, Isabel eventually chooses to submit a cupcake recipe so that her mom will be happy. To me, that defeated the purpose of her entering the contest all together.

Overall, the book just was not the fun, cute, and enjoyable read I thought it was going to be. It was a downer in so many ways. My breaking point was when Isabel's Mother is ready to sell the store (that hasn't even opened yet) because she's convinced she can't make it work. This despite the front page story done on her store. I'm no stranger to how overwhelming insecurity and fear can be- I struggle with them A LOT. However, there is only so much one can take. It's a sad reality to come to when a 12 year old decides she doesn't want to be like her Mother, which is exactly what Isabel did. I felt like instead of showing the readers ways to deal with these emotions and giving what you started a chance, they were shown examples where an adult wallows in their fear. It's not an example I'd want for little girls and boys who are experiencing those feelings themselves.

Rating: Borrow From The Library

Thursday, June 24, 2010

July Reading Invitation!!

Family Reading Invitation!!

We're turning the month of July into Family Reading Month!!
Read a book, or more, as a family. Discuss it. Talk about the characters, the plot, what you liked, what you didn't like. Then tell us!! We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Favorite Character Book Release!

Attention Fancy Nancy Fans!! Her Newest Adventure Has Arrived!!

What better way to fancy Mom up for her birthday than to treat her to a super-deluxe beauty day created by Fancy Nancy herself? It's a pampering paradise, and right in the backyard! With relaxing music, fragrant lotions, colorful nail polish, and foamy mousse, Nancy gives her mom a total makeover. She even treats her to sumptuous refreshments and special entertainment. But when the pampering suddenly goes too far, has Nancy ruined her mom's big day?

Complete with tips and recipes for creating a super-deluxe beauty day of your own, a Fancy Nancy: Ooh La La! It's Beauty Day will inspire budding beauty experts to open up shop and join in the deluxe fanciness!
-- courtesy of

Ages: 7-12

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Kingdom Keepers*

The Kingdom Keepers*
(re-released as The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark)
By: Ridley Pearson
325 Pages (my hardcover copy)
Ages: 10+ (about 6th grade reading level)
Finn is your normal teenager- until he agrees to be a DHI for Disney World. He and 4 other kids find out that when they go to sleep they can crossover to the park after it's closed. They were picked to help stop the Overtakers from taking over the park. Problem is, no one knows who the leader is and what they plan to do. No ride is safe and they learn to expect the unexpected.

I loved this book. It was such a creative story and an imaginative read! Ridley Pearson turns you lose in the park in the story. The park itself is pretty much another character in the story. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. If you know any children who love Disneyland or Walt Disney World, they will love this book! Characters from the rides come to life and the rides themselves become interactive. I will never look at Disneyland the same way again! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. It's the first in a series by the author and I'm looking forward to book 2.

Rating: Buy It!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Captain Underpants #1 Review

The Adventures of Captain Underpants #1
By: David Pilkey
Ages: 7-10 (About 3-6th Grades)
Reviewed By: The Big C says, 8 yrs old

Meet George and Harold, a couple of wise guys. The only thing they enjoy more than playing practical jokes is creating their own comic books. And together they have created the greatest comic-book superhero in the history of the elementary school -- CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS! But George and Harold's principal, mean old Mr. Krupp, doesn't like their pranks or their comic books. And he's cooked up a plan to catch George and Harold and stop their shenanigans -- once and for all! Here's the story of what happened when the plan back-fired, and Captain Underpants leaped off the page to save the day!

In this book there's a mean principal, Mr Krupp. And there's two kids George and Harold. They hypnotize Mr Krupp and he becomes Captain Underpants.This story is the first adventure of Captain Underpants with George and Harold. I like this book a lot and i think other kids will too!

1. What was your favorite part or scene in the book?
My favorite part was when the beat the bad guy

2. Who was your favorite character?
My favorite character is Captain Underpants

3. Did you like the bad guy?
I did not like the bad guy

4. If you could hang out with 1 or 2 of the characters for a day, who would it be?
It would be George

Stay tuned for The Big C's review of the next Captain Underpants adventure! He is our resident Captain Underpants reader!

For Ages 3-4+

Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook
By: Michael Garland
Ages 3-4+

When the new teacher, Miss Smith, reads to her class, Zack and his classmates are amazed to find that the storybook characters come to life. -- B&

I have been reading Alyssa this book since she was an infant and she's now almost 4. I had no board books and since my Mom was a 2nd grade teacher at the time, I had this book. When she would drink her bottle, I'd read the story and show her the pictures. As she's gotten older, she discovered other books she enjoyed, but she still enjoys this book.

The story is so creative! All the fairy tales characters children grow up reading in books or seeing in movies are here. From Humpty Dumpty to Wizard of Oz to Alice In Wonderland to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They book is fun for children and adults. I didn't mind having to read this story over and over again at my daughter's bedtime.

Rating: Buy It

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ages 10+

Maxwell Unger has always loved the night. He used to do brave things like
go tramping through the forest with his gran after dark. He loved the stories
she told him about the world before the Destruction-about nature, and books,
and the silver owls. His favorite story, though,was about the Owl Keeper.
According to Max's gran, in times of darkness the Owl Keeper would appear
to unite owls and sages against the powers of the dark. Gran is gone now, and
so are her stories of how theworld used to be. Max is no longer brave. The
forest is dangerous, the books Gran saved have been destroyed, and the silver
owls are extinct. At least, that's what the High Echelon says.
But Max knows better.
Maxwell Unger has a secret. And when a mysterious girl comes to town,
he just might have to start being brave again.
The time of the Owl Keeper, Gran would say, is coming soon.

This book grabbed me from the beginning, and I became so wrapped up in the
emotions of the characters that I couldn't put it down. It did remind me a bit
of The Hunger Games in the sense that the people are being repressed by a
controlling government. On a few counts I felt the storyline was a little predictable,
but I thought I had called one main turn of events at the end of
the book, and it totally surprised me! Overall, it was a very original story idea
from a gifted author. Max's befriending of the silver owl and the magic and lore
that go along with the silver owls were fascinating. I love owls!
I think my favorite character was Rose (and not just because that's my name!),
although I related to Max more. Rose helped Max become stronger and brave.
She's such a spontaneous and fearless character! I hope there is going to be another
book in the series. Great for fans of The Hunger Games!

Rating: Buy it!

For Ages 8+

The Doll People
By: Ann M. Martin & Laura Godwin
256 Pages
Annabelle Doll has been an 8 year old doll for 100 years and, along with her family, has been passed down from one daughter to another. But for 47 of those 100 years Annabelle's Aunt Sarah has been missing. What happened to her? Where is she? When Annabelle finds her Aunt's journal she decides she wants the answers to these questions. Enlisting her new friend, Tiffany, the two are on a mission to find Aunt Sarah! They risk getting whisked away by a cat named The Captain and a thing called Doll State, but they are determined to find Aunt Sarah and bring her home.

The concept of this book is adorable. The cover caught my eye, but the book description made me want to read the book. I mean, who doesn't want to know what dolls do when we're not around? Children who love to play with dolls and dollhouses (sadly, my oldest does not) will probably love this book. I have to say that I think little girls were more the target audience than boys. It's very creative and imaginative. It reminded me a little of the Toy Story movies with the toys coming to life. I hope you enjoy!

Rating: Borrow From Library/Buy it

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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