Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hocus Pocus Hotel: The Thirteenth Mystery

Hocus Pocus Hotel: The Thirteenth Mystery
By: Michael Dahl
222 Pages
Ages 9+

Ty and Charlie must find their beloved friend, Brack. He's gone missing and no one knows where he is. They do know, however, that he never left the hotel. Where could the famous former magician be in a hotel built by magicians? And what do priceless statues of Greek gods and goddesses have to do with it?

Welcome to the third book in the wonderfully enchanted Hocus Pocus Hotel series. In The Thirteenth Mystery, Ty and Charlie need to find their missing friend, Brack. If he isn't found within 24 hours, he risks losing the hotel he loves dearly to rival magician, Theopolis. No one knows where Brack is. The only thing they do know is that mo security camera footage shows him leaving the hotel. Where could he be? Does the the clump of read hair found on Brack's apartment floor have anything to do it with his disappearance? Also, 50 years ago, priceless statues of gods and goddesses were delivered to the hotel. What was once long forgotten has now been remembered, but by who? What lengths are they willing to go to in order to get them back? 

I have loved this series from the very beginning! The books are fun, lighthearted, and absolutely enchanting. Ty and Charlie are a great team and the setting of a hotel built for, and by magicians, mean endless possibilities. The Thirteenth Mystery was every bit as good as other 2 books in this series. Whereas the previous books were broken up into 2 stories each, this time one plot unfolds. However, within that one plot, several other stories emerge. In this case, priceless Greek statues of gods and goddesses are found within the hotel. They had been delivered 50 years ago, but forgotten. Now one is stolen. Who would want to steal them, why, and how were they able to take one of the heavy stone statues?