Friday, November 30, 2012

Kid In Chief

Kid In Chief
By: Paul Maguire
80 Pages
Age Range 8+
Bobby Barton's 3rd grade class visits Washington D.C. on a field trip. While viewing the Constitution, Bobby discovers something no one ever knew: a fold in page 3 that says anyone can challenge the President to a game of checkers. Winner gets to be President.
Bobby makes a discovery that makes history. Not only does he challenge the President to Checkers, but he wins. Immediately he becomes the new President and turns the country upside down. He makes laws that put the children in paradise: 3 day weekends, free admission at the movies, all candy & toy stores are open 24/7- and everything is half the price they were.
Kid In Chief is a cute read. Paul Maguire does a great job at putting a 3rd grader's perspective on everything. Kids will enjoy this jaunt in politics.