Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Judy Moody And The Bad Luck Charm

Judy Moody And The Bad Luck Charm
By: Megan McDonald
157 Pages
Ages: 6-9

The lucky penny in Judy Moody’s pocket sure does seem to be working. She can’t stop winning — at bowling, spelling, the unbeatable Prize Claw, everything! For sure and absolute positive, she’ll ride that wave of good fortune all the way to Washington, D.C. Watch out, District of Cool, here comes Judy Moody, the luckiest kid ever, until . . . oh, no! Her lucky penny just did a belly flop into a porcelain bowl of yucky, blucky UNluck. Has the coin’s magic gone kerflooey? Are some people, like Jessica Finch or Stink, destined to have all the luck, while she, Judy Moody, gets stuck with a yard full of three-not-four leaf clovers, a squealing potbellied pig in an elevator, and a squashed penny with cooties? --bn.com

At the skating rink with her Grandma, Judy gets a penny imprinted with a four-leaf clover and a horshoe. And just like that, she has a lucky penny! Judy is convinced it's her lucky penny that allows her to win The Claw game- three times! She's convinvec it's behind her finding $10.00. But, everything changes when her lucky penny accidently fall in the toilet.

Judy wants to win the 3rd grade spelling bee so she Washington, D.C. Sadly, she loses and bids farewell to visiting the city. Or does she? When the winner Jessica asks Judy to watch her pet pig while she's at the spelling bee, Judy finds herself going to Washingfun D.C. (District of Cool) after all.

This book was a fun read. Judy Moody is a beloved character for good reason. Judy is a fun person to travel anywhere with.

Judy Moody's Mini Mysteries & Other Sneaky Stuff For Super Sleuths

Judy Moody's Mini-Mysteries & Other Sneaky Stuff For Super Sleuths
By: Megan McDonald
126 Pages
Ages: 6-9

Judy Moody is back and this time around she's helping readers discover their inner detective. Complete with tips on drawing suspect pictures, making your own detective kit, and other detective info, this book will help kids solve their own mysteries.

Among all the tips and games there are 6 little mysteries. You get to find a missing penguin, a lost pencil, uncover a fake artifact claim, among others. Judy loves Nancy Drew and in one story, she meets a fellow fan.

Judy Moody fans will love this book. Young readers who enjoy a mystery will also love this Judy Moody installment. This was my first Judy Moody book to read, but it won't be my last. I look forward to my daughters discovering the world of Judy Moody!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Hocus Pocus Hotel

The Hocus Pocus Hotel
By: Michael Dahl
204 Pages
Ages: 8-11

Tyler Yu is the school bully whose victims are alerted to their doom by a note. When Charlie Hitchcock receives a note, he fears the worse. Turns out, Tyler needs Charlie's help. Tyler lives in The Abracadabra, a hotel built by a retired magician to house other retired magicians. Now, strange things are happening and Tyler needs to get answers.

One of the tenants, Mr. Madagascar has gone missing. On top of being missing, he's stopped paying his rent. It's Tyler's job at the hotel to collect the rent. (If he doesn't get the rent, he doesn't get paid and he has his eyes on a dirt bike.) With Charlie's help, they are able to solve the mystery of the missing guest. Then, they get to tackle the hotel's ghost and the numerous items that have gone missing from the hotel. From a shower curtain, to missing bowling pins, and missing spoons. In one night, all these items mysteriously disappeared. And does it have anything to do with The Voice that's been heard?

This book is a sheer delight to read. I loved every minute of it. The whole premise of the hotel is genius! The different magical characteristics the hotel's builder put in was fun to read about. You have illusion mirrors hidden in walls and secret panels stashed there, too.

The Hocus Pocus Hotel introduces you to a cast of former magicians and an elevator operator who is not what he seems to be. I couldn't put this book down. It was so fun to read. Michael Dahl has created an amazing book. I was very excited when I learned there will be another Hocus Pocus book coming out next year. This is a series I will be buying every book of.

Rating: Buy It

Katie Woo Rules the School
By: Fran Manushkin
96 Pages
Ages: 4-8

Katie Woo Rules the School is a book for young readers that are ready for a beginning chapter book. Fran Manushkin has created a character that is believable right down to Katie sometimes making a wrong decision. Each chapter has Katie facing an experience any early reader may face from being bullied to taking something that is not hers. There are very good lessons to be learned from Katie's experiences. The character is enhanced by Tammie Lyon's clever illustrations. I loved the expressions on each character's face. There was no doubt as to how they were feeling.

   As a former, teacher I would recommend this book. I feel it makes the transition to reading chapter books an enjoyable experience. After reading Katie Woo Rules the School I think the reader will want to read other books in the Katie Woo series. Happy Reading!