Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OMG (Oh My Godmother): The Glitter Trap

OMG (Oh My Godmother: The Glitter Trap
By: Barbara Brauner & James Iver Mattson
240 Pages

Lacey Unger-Ware isn't the most popular 12 year old at her school. But life is about the change for her. While delivering food for her parents' restaurant, Lacey accidentally makes off with the Fairy Godmother assigned to make Paige Harrington's dream come true. How could this happen? Let's just say glitter should be used with caution.

Promptly returning the Fairy Godmother to Paige would be the sensible thing to do. But sensible gets a new definition after Lacey's cat eats the fairy. Now with a sprained shoulder, the Godmother is unable to fulfill her duty. This spells out dire consequences for everyone: Paige's dream won't come true; Lacey will spend her whole life with none of her dreams coming true; and the Fairy Godmother will get demoted- possibly to a dryer fairy! There's only one thing to do: Have Lacey take the Fairy Godmother's place and act as Paige's Godmother. Hilarity ensues as Lacey learns how to be a Fairy Godmother. Note: Use a wand with caution! 

Readers will enjoy this story. Funny scenes are throughout the whole book. You've got mass pigeons flying overhead- doing what they do on poor Lacey. You've got World War Pea in the kitchen- the blue wears off at midnight. And you have an overwhelming task to be accomplished in 8 days. What could possibly go wrong? The Chapters aren't very long and they have pictures throughout. Fairy Tale fans will love this spin on the beloved Fairy Godmother.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MIssy's Super Duper Royal Deluxe Picture

Missy's Super Duper Royal Deluxe: Picture Day
By: Susan Nees
Ages: 5-7

Attention all beginner readers!! I have a fun new character to introduce to you. Please meet, Melissa Abigail Rose- but, please call her Missy. She is little girl who loves all the things fun and dressy, and super duper. Take her school picture day, for example. This is a BIG event in little Missy's life, and she's been looking forward to it all week. Visions of different outfits are dancing through her head. However, her Mom has a different plan.

The normal outgoing, energetic Missy doesn't go to school that day. But the grumpy, brooding Missy goes.  Gone is her overflowing excitement for picture day. Gone are her outfits. She has no plans to talk to anyone. But while she isn't talking to anyone, she'll chat with quiet classmate, Oscar. In fact, she talks to him so much they get in trouble while waiting in line to take their pictures. Being separated from the class gives Oscar the chance to think of a genious idea for he and Missy to do for their pictures. Missy goes from mad to ecstatic! 

This book was cute! It has tons of pictures on each page. Missy is a character young children can enjoy- especially girls who love dress up. I had a great time meeting Missy and reading about her picture day adventure. I know there are 2 other books already set to come out in this series, and I look forward to reading them.