Monday, December 16, 2013

Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas!

Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas
By: Victoria Kann
Reviewed By: Mrs. Duvauchelle's 2nd Grade Class

The Christmas season is upon us. And Pinkalicious is here to put a little more pink into our holidays! Our favorite lover of pink has the perfect idea for her tree, but will it happen? 

Kids Book Korner has been a fan of this vivacious character since she arrived in bookstores. We love how she thinks and strives to make her dreams come true. We know we're always in for a reading treat whenever we pick up a Pinkalicious book. Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas was no exception. She thinks outside of the box and wants to put her own touch on her Christmas. Yet, her family isn't as quick to jump on her bandwagon. So, in order to get the pink Christmas tree she longs for, she has to convince each member. 

While Pinkalicious is enjoyed by kids and adults alike, we wondered what the readers have to say about her latest adventures. So, we gave a copy to the @nd grade class of Mrs. Duvauchelle to see what they thought. 

Albert loves the idea of Pinkalicous giving Santa a pink coat! (We think that would be fun, too!)
Joshua enjoyed the Mother making a snow angel and all the pink. 
Anneleise was surprised to see the pink Christmas tree! (So were we!)
Kathy felt the book was a fantastic story and was impressed with the idea of Santa in a pink suit.
Alyssa liked how the story made her laugh! She thought it was a fun winter story for kids.
Caralynn was a fan of the post cards and stickers! She felt the book was Pinkatastic!!

While the book was more of a hit with the girls than boys, understandably, they all had one thing they especially loved! The pink tree nearly blew Santa's boots off was a huge hit with the entire class! 

Thank you, Mrs. Duvauchelle's 2nd graders! You did a great job for us, once again!