Thursday, June 24, 2010

Favorite Character Book Release!

Attention Fancy Nancy Fans!! Her Newest Adventure Has Arrived!!

What better way to fancy Mom up for her birthday than to treat her to a super-deluxe beauty day created by Fancy Nancy herself? It's a pampering paradise, and right in the backyard! With relaxing music, fragrant lotions, colorful nail polish, and foamy mousse, Nancy gives her mom a total makeover. She even treats her to sumptuous refreshments and special entertainment. But when the pampering suddenly goes too far, has Nancy ruined her mom's big day?

Complete with tips and recipes for creating a super-deluxe beauty day of your own, a Fancy Nancy: Ooh La La! It's Beauty Day will inspire budding beauty experts to open up shop and join in the deluxe fanciness!
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Ages: 7-12


  1. Thanks for sharing! This will be a great gift for my cousin's kiddo!

  2. Yeah, my 4 year old loves her!! We have all the puzzles. She really is a fun character. Hope all is going well with you!