Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pippi Longstocking Reading Invitation Update

We hope you enjoyed Pippi In The South Seas! What did you think of it? Here are our thoughts:

The third Pippi Longstocking book was not quite as good as the first two. There were still funny moments, but they were fewer and farther between. My favorite parts were where Miss Rosenblom comes to the school and quizzes all the children, and the part about Jim and Buck. If you are trying to decide which of the three Pippi books to read, go with Pippi Longstocking or Pippi Goes on Board. Compared to those two, this book is a bit lacking.

While this one had some charm, it wasn't as full of it as the prior two. In this book you get to see what word Pippi creates. You'll go to school with her again and find out what happens when she fails a question and answer. And, lastly, you'll get to travel to her Dad's island. From teasing and toying with would-be thieves, to tangling with a shark, to taking an interesting ride in a barrel down a tall water fall... Pippi In The South Seas is an adventure to be read, but maybe not more than once.

Pippi Longstocking remains my favorite of the series. This book wasn't as enthralling or engrossing, but it still gives you a good story to read.

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