Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pippi Longstocking Month Update

We hope everyone enjoyed Pippi Goes On Board! We surely did!

Here's What Rose Thought:
I thought that Pippi Goes On Board was equally good as the first book. There were many hilarious moments, but I have to say that the funniest thing to me was when Pippi, Tommy, and Annika go see the play at the fair. I almost died laughing when Pippi starts bawling during the play and yells out, "Please don't talk like that! Things will be brighter for you. The children will find their way home, and you can always get another husband. There are so many me-e-en."I also enjoyed when Pippi goes shopping, and when she goes on the class picnic. There are so many hilarious moments. Definitely read it!

Here's What Jen Thought:
Pippi Goes On Board was another great time spent with Pippi and her friends. Who else could make a day at the fair more entertaining? And only Pippi could make being shipwrecked sound like something to do when your parents are away. I enjoyed meeting Pippi's Father, Captain Longstocking, who comes to Villa Villekulla to take his daughter back to the sea with him. Will she go or will she stay? I still prefer the first book a little more than this one, it's definitely a fun read.

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