Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beezus & Ramona Review

Beezus & Ramona
By: Beverly Cleary
159 Pages (my hardcover book)

Starting with a fairly mild encounter with the librarian, which is harder on Beezus than anyone else, Ramona goes from strength to strength, winding up by inviting her entire kindergarten class to a part at her home without mentioning it to her mother. The riot that ensues is probably the most hilarious episode in this extremely funny book, which proves that Mrs. Cleary's imagination is almost as lively as Ramona's. --

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover. Never having had a sister ( I was the youngest in my family) I was spared all of this. However, my 2 daughters will probably relate to this book once they are older.

Ramona is such a little fireball of energy. From embarrassing her sister with the bunny ears to "writing" her name on every page of a library book, the first chapter was entertaining. When Ramona crashes her older sister's art class more hilarity ensues. However, I got exhausted just reading what happened when Ramona decides she wants to have a party and proceeds to invite all her friends-- without telling her Mom first.

Beezus is an amazing character. She thinks of ways to handle whatever her sister throws at her. This book is only the first in the Beezus & Ramona series, and I think I'll be reading more of them. You never know what will happen when Ramona is involved.

Rating: Buy It!!


  1. I loved this series as a kid! I read every single one, and also every single Beverly Cleary teen book, and both of her autobiographies. She had a very interesting life.

  2. How did I miss this one as a kid?! If it weren't for this blog, I may never had read it! I'd love to read about her life!