Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Story Time Idea

Tea For Ruby
By: Sarah Ferguson
Ages 4-8
One sunny morning, the postman brings Ruby an amazing invitation to have tea with — the Queen! Ruby had better polish her manners and quickly. Will Ruby really be ready in time?

I have a 4 year old little girl who LOVES story time. Once she hit 3 1/2 she decided she no longer just wanted to sit and hear the stories, but read them to me instead. Not being able to read made this endeavor a little hard for the stories she didn't know by heart. At the very least she wanted to take a more active role in the stories. Enter: Tea For Ruby.

Instead of just listening to the story, she was now able to help me tell it. In the story the words "The Queen" are said quite often. When they came up she was in charge of saying them. She was able to be as dramatic or creative in saying them as she wanted to be. All of a sudden a cute story became a cute interactive one. We both have fun with this story. It's a great time when you have several children who can yell it!

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