Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rifka Takes A Bow

Rifka Takes A Bow
By: Betty Rosenberg Perlov
36 Pages

Rifka introduces you to the world of Yiddish Theater. With her parents being actors in it, she's able to give you a backstage tour of it all. From the trip the family takes to the theater, to the backstage happenings while everyone is getting ready for the show to start. With Rifka as your guide, you get to see a world you may not otherwise get to see.

Follow Rifka as she and her Dad go under the stage and look at the many props stored there. And no tour of a theater would be complete without an impromptu performance. That's exactly what happens when Rifka  moves from her chair by the stage. She follows the stairs and ends up right in the performance. When an audience member wants her to say something, Rifka makes a prediction for her future.

This book was such a cute read. I loved the story and the illustrations. Rifka Takes A Bow allows it's readers to learn about a world beyond theirs. After the story, Perlov gives a brief history of Yiddish Theater and includes pictures. A fun read!!!

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