Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Icing On The Cake

The Cupcake Club: Icing on the Cake
By: Sheryl & Carrie Berk
Pages: 115
Ages: 9-12

Jenna has a full plate: a 5th grader, cupcake business & club, plenty of friends. Suddenly, her life is about to change. Jenna isn't happy about all the new changes, either. See what takes her, and the rest of the club, to Las Vegas, what connection they have to an Elvis impersonator, and why the club would be baking pupcakes.

Jenna's life may not be perfect, but she's happy the way it is. So when her Mom announces she's now engaged to her boyfriend, Leo, Jenna is less than thrilled. The impending nuptials may have many supporters, but Jenna isn't one of them. Still, Jenna goes along with it when her Mom asks Peace, Love, and Cupcakes to bake them a tower of cupcakes for the wedding- in a month and across the country.

The girls find themselves baking the night away in the kitchen of the fancy Venice Hotel- but not just for Jenna's Mom. Upon their arrival, they meet an Elvis Impersonator with quite a problem. His 100th show is that night and he can't find anyone who can bake a cake big enough for his 250 person audience. Nor can he find someone who can make it a peanut butter and banana cake. Thankfully the girls come to his rescue.

As if all that isn't enough, Jenna falls in love. Her school Community Friends project takes her to Rescue Rover, a dog shelter. Promptly, Jenna meets a puppy she names Dulce. 

The Mother-Daughter writing team of this series brings you another fun adventure to read. I loved seeing what fun things the girls would be doing in this book. It will find a home on my bookshelf. 

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