Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Am Walt Disney

I Am Walt Disney
Ages 8-11
112 Pages

All of us have seen Disney movies. The majority of us have been to a Disney park. It's hard to anywhere without seeing one Disney character or another. But, have you ever wondered how all of that came to be? Who was the man behind the movies. How did Disneyland and Walt Disney World come about? Was Mickey Mouse Disney's first character? What was he like as a Father? Through I Am Walt Disney, you can find out. Full of pictures and cool facts, this is a book any Disney fan will enjoy reading.

Walt Disney was born in 1901, but to a rather poor family. His father had a short temper and poor business sense. Because of this, the Disney family moved around- a lot. Walt didn't go to school until he was 7, and didn't enjoy it when he did. Instead of focusing on his lessons, Walt would make flip books out of his drawings.

Walt's love of art led him to earning money for his drawings by local businesses. He went to the Kansas City Art Institute. His friend, Ub Iwerks became business partners doing illustrations for Restaurant News. Walt's first company, Laugh-O-gram Films, Inc.started when a movie theater owner loved the animated shorts Walt made, and asked for more.

When finances overwhelmed Disney and his company, he was forced to close it's doors. However, he soon made his way to Hollywood, Ca. Frustration and success marked his early years in California. A hard lesson brought the world it's most recognizable character: Mickey Mouse. (However, he originally had a different name)

I Am Walt Disney is full of information for young readers. The book introduces you to the key people who were in Walt's life. A timeline is given, and a glossary for any unfamiliar words. Fans of Disney will enjoy this overview of the man who brought Mickey and the Princesses into their lives.

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