Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kids Book Korner Group Read: Ivy + Bean

It's no secret that we at Kids Book Korner love to read. Sometimes, reading is more fun when you do it with others. That's why, we've started our Group Reads. Our latest choice introduces us to two fun little girls. Some books are better when shared. Find out why we think Ivy + Bean is one of them.

Ivy + Bean (Book #1)
By: Annie Barrows
113 Pages

Ivy & Bean may live across from each other, but they were never friends. Now that they are, adventures are to be had. First up, put a spell on Bean's sister, Nancy, so she'll have to dance forever. Can they do it?

Our group consisted of: Rose, Jen, Alyssa (7), & her Dad. 

None of us has ever read an Ivy + Bean book, so when Alyssa was given this book as a present, we decided we should all get in on the fun. Since it was the first book in the series, it was the perfect place to start. We got to meet Ivy and Bean at the same time they did. 

We all loved the book. It was full of kid fun to be enjoyed. We all had scenes that we enjoyed, so we thought we'd share them with you.

  • when the worm falls into Nancy's mouth
  • Ivy pretends she's going to throw up
  • Nancy falls into the mud pit
  • Bean paints Ivy's face
All of us loved the Ivy and Bean characters the best from the book. Our 7 year old reader, Alyssa, liked that Ivy loved books and had read hair. She enjoyed all the gross out things the two girls did. She wasn't a fan of bossy Nancy. Rose felt the main characters were very relateable and that Ivy was mysterious, at first. I felt Ivy and Bean were a great team who complimented each other well. I felt most kids would see themselves in one of them, or both.

An Adult Perspective
The adults in our group read loved how the girls used their imaginations. They weren't sitting on a computer, or watching TV. They were making up what they didn't know. The book was interesting and fun to read. As a parent to a young child, I was concerned about the whole witch and potions aspect of the book. My daughter is sensitive and easily spooked by things like this. However, none of it was dark or taken too far. It was light and done with fun. 

A Child's Perspective
Alyssa, our 7 year old reader, loved all the exploring Ivy and Bean did. She felt she could relate to all of the characters, including bossy Nancy. She saw a little of herself in each of them. She looks forward to reading more adventures with Ivy and Bean.

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