Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition
By: Liv Spencer

Summer has arrived and with it the opportunity to learn more about people you admire. My two girls have become fans of the ever popular Taylor Swift, so I took this chance to learn more about the object of their affection. After all, this Mommy would like to know about the singer/songwriter behind the car ride concerts. 

In Liv Spencer's book, you get TONS of pictures. You get tons of surface information. Liv walks you through how Taylor Swift became the household name she now is. You'll learn how Taylor dealt with her share of naysayers and bullies. Taylor Swift will show you how a young girl with a dream took a well-known American song and turned it into a career.

Liv Spencer's book gives you a brief peek at the world Taylor created as she tore conquered one obstacle after another. You won't get an in-depth story of the famous Taylor Swift. Her much talked about love life is only mentioned in track listings. Still, this book is a great starting off point in learning about a strong, determined woman who didn't compromise herself to achieve her dream.

I have respected Taylor for not being what the industry wanted. She made a name for herself by standing out and giving pieces of herself through her music. She isn't a gimmick who lip-syncs to music while dancing up a storm in barely there costumes. She's a wholesome person who sets a great example for the kids looking up to her. She shows how you can achieve what you want in life through hard work and strong ethics.  

Personally, I loved reading about all the songs on Taylor's albums. Each album is broken down by track. Along with it is the story of how the song came to be, the inspiration behind it, and other fun information. I always love how creativity comes to people. 

Enjoy getting to know about Miss Taylor Swift!

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