Friday, February 1, 2013

The Hocus Pocus Hotel: The Return of Abracadabra

Hocus Pocus Hotel: The Return of Abracadabra
By: Michael Dahl

Welcome back to The Hocus Pocus Hotel! This visit will find you searching for a boy who appears to have vanished during a magic trick. But did he really disappear or is it really just smoke and mirrors? You also get a front row seat to a battle over the hotel. Mr. Abracadabra is the owner, but if he can't tell how a fellow magician did a trick he'll become the former owner of the historic hotel.

Once again Michael Dahl delivers a truly magical story. Not only do you get to visit ones you met through The Hocus Pocus Hotel, but you get to interact with some of them a little more. All the magic and magic trick reveals that you loved from the first book are in this one, as well.

I loved reading The Return of Abracadabra. I didn't want to stop once I started. The illustrations were great, the chapters were the perfect size for young readers. The story was captivating and interesting for children and adults alike.

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