Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Hocus Pocus Hotel

The Hocus Pocus Hotel
By: Michael Dahl
204 Pages
Ages: 8-11

Tyler Yu is the school bully whose victims are alerted to their doom by a note. When Charlie Hitchcock receives a note, he fears the worse. Turns out, Tyler needs Charlie's help. Tyler lives in The Abracadabra, a hotel built by a retired magician to house other retired magicians. Now, strange things are happening and Tyler needs to get answers.

One of the tenants, Mr. Madagascar has gone missing. On top of being missing, he's stopped paying his rent. It's Tyler's job at the hotel to collect the rent. (If he doesn't get the rent, he doesn't get paid and he has his eyes on a dirt bike.) With Charlie's help, they are able to solve the mystery of the missing guest. Then, they get to tackle the hotel's ghost and the numerous items that have gone missing from the hotel. From a shower curtain, to missing bowling pins, and missing spoons. In one night, all these items mysteriously disappeared. And does it have anything to do with The Voice that's been heard?

This book is a sheer delight to read. I loved every minute of it. The whole premise of the hotel is genius! The different magical characteristics the hotel's builder put in was fun to read about. You have illusion mirrors hidden in walls and secret panels stashed there, too.

The Hocus Pocus Hotel introduces you to a cast of former magicians and an elevator operator who is not what he seems to be. I couldn't put this book down. It was so fun to read. Michael Dahl has created an amazing book. I was very excited when I learned there will be another Hocus Pocus book coming out next year. This is a series I will be buying every book of.

Rating: Buy It

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