Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nancy Drew #9: The Sign of the Twisted Candles by Carolyn Keene

           Another exciting mystery begins for the attractive young detective when her friends Bess and George ask her to investigate a rumor that their wealthy great-granduncle, Asa Sidney, is virtually a prisoner in his own mansion. But solving the mystery and befriending Carol Wipple, the sixteen-year-old foster daughter of the caretakers of the old mansion,  nearly costs Nancy the friendship of Bess and George. It takes all of Nancy's sleuthing ability as well as diplomacy to save it.
      At the same time, Nancy braves one danger after another to bring to justice the swindlers who are stealing Asa Sidney's fortune. With only the sign of the twisted candles to guide her, Nancy uncovers hidden treasure and an amazing letter that ends a family feud and brings unexpected happiness to Carol.

    I re-read this old favorite from childhood mainly to answer the question: is it as good now as it was then? As a kid, I read every single Nancy Drew book that the library had. Sleuthing and spying (because of reading Harriet the Spy by Ellen Fitzgerald) were two of my favorite past-times. I have to say, reading Nancy Drew as an adult is not quite the same. The mysteries that I couldn't figure out as a kid were completely transparent as an adult. That being said, there is still value in this book series for kids. Being the english nerd that I am, I love that there are so many great vocabulary words in this series. It's good for kids to read books that were written over 50 years ago, because it will expand their vocabulary. 

Rating: Buy or check them out from the library

By Rose

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