Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Christmas Village

The Christmas Village

By: Melissa Ann Goodwin

189 Pages

Ages 12+


Ever seen a replica Christmas Village and wondered what life would be like to live in it? Well, wish no more. The Christmas Village brings that fantasy to life.

Jamie Reynolds is a 12 year old who has a lot on his plate. His Dad left after losing a lot of other peoples' money, and his best friend has told him they can't be friends anymore. All he wants is to escape to a place where no one knows what's happened. Jamie is convinced that escape is life inside his Grandmother's replica Christmas Village.

One night, the village comes to life. Trying to save a little girl who has fallen into the pond, Jamie is sucked into the Christmas Village. Embraced as a hero for saving Kelly Pennysworth's life, he is loved by everyone. Everyone but Jim Gordon, that is. Jim is the former Canterbury resident who is no longer welcome back. After overhearing a conversation, Jamie learns he mistreated his wife. Another overheard conversation has Jamie listening to Jim threatening to harm his baby, Emilie.

As Christmas Eve grows closer, Jamie feels the urgency of wanting to go home. However, before he can return, Jamie is forced to perform another act of heroism. Can he do it and still make it home? Will he ever get home?

I loved every minute of this book. It was a sheer joy to read from the first page to the last. The Christmas Village is one of those books that would appeal to children and adults, alike. Melissa Ann Goodwin does a phenomenal job of turning fantasy to life.

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